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Tired of paying PR firms that seem to have more knowledge of Ring Necked Bandicoots than Machine Tools reams of cash to manage your Website? Is the only time you can get your Site updated, when the kid's home from college?

Well, Let's Just Think About This A Minute!

Advertising with Machine1 means hundreds of hits every month! As a site that is aggressively promoted on the web, We have established ourselves as a service oriented provider of information on Industrial Equipment availability and liquidation.

Machine1 provides a broad range of site development services including graphics design, technical writing and custom programing services. Focusing on creating sites that are user friendly, and services that promote repeat traffic has helped Us maintain our high degree of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With Site Hosting charges as low as $20 per month and Banner Ads from other sites as low as $15 per month you really can't afford not to contact us!

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Features such as our Site Search are add-on products, written for use with both Unix and NT servers. Available now with easy to understand instructions. Send us an email and we'll tell you how you can install this feature on your site.

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